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The Belize Hotel Association

Belize's economic recovery will be powered mostly by the Tourism sector and hotels will provide crucial contribution to help kick-start Belize's economic recovery once the COVID-19 pandemic has ended. The funding we seek to raise through this auction fundraiser will be used to fund vital global marketing initiatives to ensure that the hotel industry in Belize recovers after COVID-19. Whether you dream of land or sea, luxury or laid-back charm, family, romantic, solo travel, or just simply need to fulfill the travel dreams you so rightfully deserve after this crisis is over – the selection of packages found on this website will meet your expectations… and more. Going back to normal might be different but there is still a beautiful world out there to explore. Come look around… Belize Awaits. Don’t let anything stop you this time around

Company Overview

The Belize Hotel Association, encouraging and supporting the sustainable growth of member hotels.

The Belize Hotel Association (BHA) is a non-profit, non-government organization whose membership is comprised primarily of hoteliers with a category of allied members who service the hospitality industry.

BHA is an active participant in major decision-making bodies affecting the growth, development and maintenance of the tourism industry. This includes holding a seat on the Board of Directors of the Belize Tourism Board.

In addition the BHA holds seats on several Organizations and committees, including the Economic Development Council, the Tour Operator Licensing Committee, the Belize Tourism Industry Association.

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